Thriving in Nursing: Your Blueprint for Burnout Prevention

January 26, 2015 | Career Recent News Resilience Stress

Workplaces are experiencing a burnout epidemic, and no profession has been hit harder than healthcare. It has been reported that up to 60% of healthcare professionals say they are burned out.[1] Burnout is defined as a process of chronic disengagement that can impact lots of areas of your life, and is marked by three big […]

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10 Stress Relief Strategies When You Have 5 Minutes or Less

January 21, 2015 | Health Recent News Stress

I was inspired to write this blog post when my friend sent me an article from called “Confessions of a Burnt-Out Physician.” Having experienced burnout myself, I’m keenly aware of the toll burnout takes on people who are trying to do good work in the world. Her story has stayed with me as I’ve […]

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15 Things to Let Go of in 2015

January 6, 2015 | Happiness Recent News Stress

With the New Year upon us, many people are in the throes of their resolutions.  Resolutions feel like such a burden to me, so instead, I switch it up and think about what I need to stop tolerating.  Letting go of unwanted things in my life makes me feel lighter, happier and more productive.  Here […]

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Why Some Women Are Burning Out In Their 20’s & 30’s

December 5, 2014 | Health Recent News Stress

“Everyone’s driven.  But everyone’s also sick of it,” according to Nicolet High School senior, Sammi Castle, whose story recently appeared in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article called, “Achievers’ syndrome.”  Three back-to-back teen suicides in 2013 prompted a group of parents in the North Shore area of Milwaukee to start looking into ways to build wellness […]

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Grit: Your Secret Success Strategy

October 23, 2014 | Career Recent News Resilience Stress

Tell me about a long-term goal you’re currently working on.  Maybe you’ve started a business and you’re in the process of growing it; maybe you want to lose 20 pounds; maybe you’re climbing the corporate ladder; or maybe you want to keep your relationship strong for years to come.  Succeeding at that goal is going […]

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